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Bravo's 90 Days of Retail

A Pawnbroker's Guide to a Successful 2021 Holiday Season

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Get your inventory posted online where customers can shop, like, eBay, and your own store website.

October Retail Guides

The start of your 90-day marketing plan might involve a little extra work - but it'll pay off in the end. Check out these resources we've put together to help you jumpstart your retail marketing campaigns, and come back every week to see what's new!

Mobile Messenger

Did you know? Text messages have the highest open rate of any communication method. Almost 85% of consumers take an action as a result of receiving a text message. 

 With Mobile Messenger, you can:

  • Consolidate your workflow to one system,
  • Eliminate manual work by automating and scheduling messages,
  • Increase on-time payments,
  • Drive in-store traffic,
  • And beat the competition!
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