Bravo's 2021 PawnTech Report.

Your resource for educating lawmakers about the importance of pawn and PawnTech insights that can help inform your decisions about technology investments.

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No other creditor offers the same type of transaction as do pawnbrokers. 

A study by Vanderbilt University noted that consumers seem to avoid making big financial mistakes when using pawnshops. Something about the use of personal items (and particularly sentimental personal items) as collateral may distinguish these loans from credit cards, payday loans, and the like in terms of borrowers’ repayment and default behavior.


percent of US adults are unbanked or underbanked.


estimated US pawnshops


employees estimated to work in pawn

Arm Yourself with Facts

The purpose of this report is to share key industry data with the people who help shape our landscape (such as stakeholders, media and lawmakers) and to provide business operators with PawnTech trends that can help inform decisions about technology investments.



Advocating for Pawn

As the industry leader in developing first-to-market software solutions and services to niche industries, we believe we are in a unique position to advocate for underserved and underrepresented markets through providing this critical insight. Some of the findings are unsurprising. For example, changes that were already afoot—like the shift towards mobile—were accelerated over the past year.

In our first PawnTech Report, we hope to spark an insightful dialogue about the critical nature of the non-recourse, secured, safety-net credit supplied by pawnshops millions of times each year. This data may also help clear up confusion about pawnshops as compared with other alternative lenders and help the public understand that no other creditor offers the same type of transaction provided by pawnbrokers.