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The All In One 2A-Friendly Point of Sale for Gun Shops, Sporting Goods Stores & FFL Retailers

Staying compliant is complicated enough. Work with one software provider for all of your FFL needs. Bravo Store Systems integrates Point of Sale, E4473, Cloud Storage, A&D book, eCommerce and more, all in one platform. That’s the power of Bravo.


Say Goodbye To Working In Multiple Systems

Bravo's isn't just another point of sale for gun stores and FFLs. We offer more out of the box features than any other software company in the industry. Even better, unlike our competitors, all of those features are integrated in one system, so there's no wasting time or money. We're proven to increase online sales, in-store foot traffic, employee productivity and new customer acquisition, all while remaining 100% ATF compliant.

Bullet img  More Efficiency, More Productivity

Our automations replace manual admin work and ensure ATF compliance so your team can focus on customers and revenue-generating activities.


Bullet img  More Sales, More Revenue

Our easy to use mobile apps, eCommerce and text messaging features drive in-store and online traffic that open the door to more sales and new revenue streams.


Bullet img  More Profit, More Data

Our tools help you instantly assess the current and future value of every new and used item based on condition, so you can make smart, profitable buy/sell/trade decisions.

See why 1,500 customers trust Bravo's All In One Point Of Sale.

Popular Built In Features for Firearm Retailers

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Inventory Management

Manage your entire inventory in one place. Track aged inventory and bulk discount by age, category or both to lift inventory turnover rate.


E4473 & Cloud Storage

Bravo's own built-in E4473 puts an end to manual work, reduces liability and eliminates errors on 4473s. Cloud Storage gets rid of all those paper forms, making traces and audits faster than ever before.

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Compliant A&D Books

Easily manage firearm inventory and transactions with Bravo's built in A&D Books. All entries are automated and 100% compliant.

Icon_firearm transfers

Firearm Transfers

Complete third party and private party gun transfers quickly. Customize transfer fees to fit your business model.


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Automated 3310s

Make multiple firearm forms easier with automated 3310.4 and 3310.12 report forms.


Icon_customer search

Integrated eNICS

Complete background checks quickly with Bravo's eNICS Chrome extension. NICS eCheck web forms auto populate with E4473 information, eliminating manual entry.

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Vendor Catalogs

Integrations with Lipsey's, RSR Group and Sports South make it fast and easy to take in firearms and other sporting goods inventory.


Icon_customer management

Customer Management

See all your customer information across all channels and all locations, including contact and profile info, purchase, loan history and more.


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Task Manager

Keep your employees on track with an easy-to-use task board. Employees are reminded of outstanding to-do items like Overdue Layaways, Loans to Expire, and more.


Integrated eCommerce

List items for free on 4 marketplaces simultaneously, with the touch of a button. Online listings removed automatically if item sells in-store. Lowest final value fees in the industry.


Used Goods Estimator

Assess and determine the worth of preowned firearms and sporting good items based on condition. Real-time data recommends in-store and online pricing for buying and selling.

Icon_mobile pay

Text Messaging

Send automated bulk messages to contact lists or individual text messages right through the point of sale.


Tradeshow Mode

Change your tax configs & ensure accurate accounting with the click of a button so you can travel for tradeshows hassle-free.



Minimize manual with integrations including QuickBooks, Great Plains, and Sage One, and ensure sales, payments, layaways, discounts, loans, or trades are fully accountable.



Use 60+ pre-built reports or customize your own to easily track KPIs and get actionable insights into company, store and employee performance.

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