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Mastering Mobile Messenger

Turn Back-to-School Shopping into a Sales Surge

As the school year approaches, it's time to gear up with all the essentials. Remind your customers that your store is the ultimate destination for unbeatable back-to-school deals.

Keep scrolling to find free text message templates you can plug and play!

Want to Add Mobile Messenger to Your Product Lineup?

Here are some text message templates to get you started:

General Encouragement:

  • "Gearing up for the kids going back-to-school? Swing by [Shop Name] for the best deals out there. Open now!" 
  • “Summer is ending which means it's time to go shopping! At [Shop Name] we've got all you need to prepare the kids for school and then some. Come on in today!" 
  • "Start the school year off right with [Shop Name]! From sports gear to new tech tools, we have it all. Stop by today and get ready for success!"

Highlight Specific Deals:

  • "Get your tech ready for school! 15% off all tablets and laptops at [Shop Name]. Don't miss out on these back-to-school savings!"
  • "New school year, new tech tools! Enjoy 20% off all technology [Shop Name]. Come in and shop the computers, tablets, and more!" 
  • "Buy 2 musical instruments, get 1 free at [Shop Name]! Enhance your collection and save today!"

Store Offerings:

  • "Struggling with back-to-school expenses? Learn about our convenient payment plans at [Shop Name]. We’re here to help lighten the load!"
  • "Looking to earn extra cash for back-to-school shopping? Bring in items to exchange for money at [Shop Name]. Turn unused items into funds today!"


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