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Watch the full video to learn why we developed Warranties and see just how easy it is to create customized product protection plans for your customers.


  • Warranties provides a new revenue stream with nearly zero out of pocket expense 
  • You can automate Warranties so employees never forget to add a product protection plan 
  • Now you can give your customers peace of mind when purchasing pre-owned merchandise

What to Expect Next

After you sign up for your free trial, we'll make sure to get you up and running quickly so you can get the most from your new Warranties feature.

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Want to keep using Warranties after your free trial ends? No problem. Warranties will automatically remain enabled after the free trial ends, and we'll add the $99/mo. to your Bravo package*.

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*The $99 monthly cost does not apply to Bravo Pro customers. Warranties is automatically included in the current Bravo Pro monthly pricing.